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    Free Speech is dead at the Hammond Times online

    They shut down the comments section on their news articles and I was there only for that. I like having a voice. The Times first started censoring and deleting some comments and then shut the comment off for certain articles. Now they shut it off for all of them.

    Just curious. Is free speech allowed here or will I be cut off at the knees here as well?

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    They did have a very popular comments section. It probably took two full time employees to moderate it.

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    Free speech is allowed here and we encourage comments. Trolling, profanity, racism, hate, and plain old meanness, however, will be dealt with accordingly.

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    Excellent. I will keep the trolling to a minimum.

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    I stopped reading the Times a few weeks ago when the force you to watch advertising videos before you read news stories.

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    Free speech is almost dead in the whole country.


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